We want to give you some positive feedback on our new booster pump system installed by Memmer's WaterTech.   We really like it !  
As you are aware, prior to the install, our house water pressure was very low when operating multiple outlets and we experienced large pressure variations.  After the install, we are maintaining constant 65 psi while using multiple outlets (shower, laundry, faucets, etc..).  Our dishwasher has also shown a remarkable difference in cleaning and our 2nd floor bathtub fills much, much faster.
The new pump is in the basement under our bedroom and is exceptionally quiet.  We don't really even notice it unless we are actually listening for it.  
This is a really nice system for any of your customers who want better whole house pressure.  We would definitely recommend.

Matt & Sheana Behringer

Defiance, Ohiio



  1. Are you in the shower and someone runs another faucet, and you loose your water?
  2. Did you remodel your house and add another bathroom with a nice big tub or shower?
  3. Does it take forever to fill the tub or washing machine?

Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself to find out if you could use a balance flow or booster pump to increase water pressure in your home:

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Easily convert your water supply to provide the best pressure and constant water to all faucets. City water, well water, pond water or a cistern. It can be done.